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Eat the Skin!

We want to honor the full potential in every last bit of mother nature’s bounty—and that includes the skin on produce. Food Shift’s Culinary Director, Chef Jen, recently shared her go-to veggie skin chip recipe!

Fruit and veggie skins often get discarded in the food prepping process, but did you know that those peels are packed with nutrients? The skin alone harbors the majority of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber in a given piece of produce, making it too nourishing to waste! Over 30% of the total amount of fiber in a vegetable is found in the skin, and antioxidant levels are 328 times higher in fruit peels than in pulp alone. 

Instead of tossing those veggie skins, consider turning them into a tasty and nutritious snack. Food Shift’s Chef Jen walks through how to rescue those veggie skins from waste by making them into chips in her latest no waste cooking demonstration!


Learn more about Food Shift and their programs to rescue surplus food that would otherwise waste away in landfills and utilize it to fuel their social enterprise kitchen.

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