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Event: Maximizing Food for Your Budget, Health, Community and the Planet (Video)

Stop Food Waste Blog

Event: Maximizing Food for Your Budget, Health, Community and the Planet (Video)

Aug 30, 2022

Stop Food Waste Blog

Watch a recent lunchtime conversation with Food Shift to learn how to make the most of our valuable food resources.

Watch the video recording of the event here.

Food is an integral part of our daily lives, a significant part of our budget, a source of nourishment and joy. But do you ever think of how much food gets wasted in your own home and throughout the food system? Join Food Shift on a short tour of the organization’s food recovery process, providing a unique look at the abundance of food that is being recovered from within our food system, and redirected to their neighbors. Chef Jen, Culinary Director of Food Shift, then demonstrates how they take food that would have otherwise gone to waste and turn it into a meal. Chef Jen will provide a recipe template you can use in your own home and talk about simple ways and tips to make substitutions based on what you already have on hand. Enjoy your lunch and join the community in conversation with an incredible organization that is making the most of the valuable food resources in our food system and learn how to optimize food at home.

About Chef Jen:
The kitchen has always been a place of joy for Chef Jen, who grew up spending time there with her grandmother, cooking for her giant family. Her passion for nourishing others ultimately led her to journey to the Bay Area to become a Certified Natural Chef. Then came ten+ fulfilling years of preparing wholesome meals as an executive chef, teaching holistic cooking and nutrition, and implementing wellness programs. At Food Shift, Jen is responsible for guiding apprentices through their culinary training program, planning selections of food to be recovered, and creating recipes and menus based on available foods. Jen specializes in devising methods to process foods for future use to keep them out of the waste stream and sharing with apprentices, staff and community how to turn them into artisanal meals.

About Food Shift:
Food Shift is located in Alameda and develops practical solutions to reduce wasted food, nourish our neighbors and provide jobs. We recover food that would otherwise go to waste, use it to fuel our culinary education program for folks overcoming barriers to employment and upcycle the food for catering and to feed those striving for food security. Managing food waste is the friendliest thing we can do for the planet and to nourish our communities.

About StopWaste:
StopWaste is a public agency that helps residents, businesses, schools, and local jurisdictions in Alameda County take sustainable actions to increase community resilience to climate change. StopWaste has partnered with Food Shift to ensure the StopFoodWaste campaign reaches all our community members.

Stopwaste's food waste prevention website,, provides tips, recipes and tools and resources to help make small shifts in how we shop, prepare, and store food, so we can toss less, eat well, and save money.




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