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Excess Harvest: Simple Plum Jelly and Jam

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Excess Harvest: Simple Plum Jelly and Jam

Jul 06, 2020
Fruit trees heavy with ripening fruit? Simple jam and jelly can preserve that harvest for the rest of the year and to share.

Stop Food Waste Blog

Fruit trees heavy with ripening fruit? Preserve the harvest by making simple jams and jellies that can last throughout the year and be shared with friends!

Whether it's your own tree, a neighbors or friends, we've all seen the branches hanging heavy with beautiful ripening fruit. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of ripe fruit, first, call your friends to share the bounty, and second, find some simple ways to preserve the harvest.

Plum tree heavy with fruit.

One of our favorite ways to preserve these precious fruits is to make jams and jellies. One tried and true way is to put the fruit into a crock pot until cooked through and soft. Remove the pits by hand and separate out the juice from the pulp. The juice makes a great jelly and the pulp can be pulsed in the blender to make a delicious, thick, jam.

Jelly Recipe: add pectin to juice and boil.  Add sugar, return to boil and then ladle into sterilized jars. Process jars for 10-15 mins.

The process for jam is almost the same (add sugar first). If processed correctly (you’ll hear the lids pop as they cool) jars will be shelf-stable for at least a year. (See photos below.)

Plum preserving process in the crock pot.

For more information on canning and food preservation, see the National Center for Home Food Preservation

Share your favorite ways to preserve large harvests of fruit below!