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Make a digital shopping list

Stop Food Waste Blog

Make a digital shopping list

Nov 12, 2019

Stop Food Waste Blog

In this digital age, keeping track of a shopping list has never been easier and more efficient!

Personally, creating my shopping list on paper has always been a challenge. Not that I have poor handwriting, but forgetting my shopping list at home felt like a huge waste of time! I keep my reusable shopping bags in my car, but my shopping list on paper never felt right.

Luckily, with the majority of us having smartphones, shopping list apps are everywhere and almost all free, which makes grocery shopping as a family more organized and faster. You can find a list of grocery shopping apps here.

Having a grocery list helps me shop smart by being mindful of what I want to purchase in advance. This has helped me:

  • Save time by knowing exactly what I am going to purchase when I enter the grocery store. If I shop for the same items every week, I can also quickly press on the item to bring it back on my shopping list.

  • Save money by keeping me from purchasing food items that I do not actually need. It also forces me to stick to my budget. Some applications also tell me which grocery store nearby has deals for the items I am looking to purchase. 

  • Save paper by having everything saved on the application without having the recreate a similar shopping list every week.

  • Reduce food waste at home by making sure that we do not purchase unnecessary items.

Since my partner and I do not always go grocery shopping together, we have both downloaded OurGroceries for free on our phone. It is friendly to use and syncs instantly once one of us makes a change to our list. Having the grocery list in our smartphones gives us the liberty to confidently go to the grocery store on our own and not purchase the same items twice. Using a grocery app has changed the way we shop and made me less overwhelmed with all the choices thrown at us.

Do you have a preferred shopping list app? If so, what is your favorite feature? Let us know in the comments below!