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Shopping Tips

Reducing food waste starts with smart shopping. Adopt these shopping habits to avoid overbuying at the grocery store.

Planning and mindful shopping are key to avoiding wasted food. By making a list with weekly meals in mind, you can save money, time and may eat healthier food. Check out these tips:

  1. Make your shopping list based on how many meals you will eat at home and the timing of your next shopping trip. Will you or your family members eat out this week? Be realistic.
  2. Shop your fridge and cupboards first to avoid buying food you already have on hand.
  3. Include quantities on your shopping list to make sure you buy just what you need. For fresh items, note how many meals you will make with each. For example: Salad greens - enough for two lunches.
  4. Avoid marketing gimmicks that encourage you to buy more than you need. If you get 10 items for $10 and only eat five before they spoil, that’s $5 wasted.
  5. Buy fresh ingredients in smaller quantities more often so you waste less and enjoy fresher ingredients.
  6. Choose loose fruit and vegetables over pre-packaged to better control the quantity you need and ensure fresher ingredients.

Download this handy weekly shopping list

For more tips on ways to save money and reduce wasted food when shopping, see this TreeHugger article

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