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Winter Squash

Instead of only preparing the amount of squash you need for a certain recipe, prevent waste and save yourself time by cooking up all of your squash at once.

Whether you chop it up, roast, or puree it, make sure you don't let these versatile winter champions go to waste just because you don't have a use for the rest of it at the moment.

To simplify the process, prepare the entire squash as planned in your intended recipe: scoop out the seeds (save those to roast for a snack), peel and cut up if necessary, then cook as desired. Before you get to the point of adding herbs, spices, or extra flavored oils, put aside the excess and consider using one of our suggestions for storage below. 

Simple ideas for using up any amount of squash and storing it for later:

  • store cubed roasted squash in a clear, labelled, and sealed container in the freezer
  • puree any amount of leftover roasted squash (before adding additional oils and spices) and:
    • freeze in ice cubes trays- once frozen, transfer cubes into a clear, labelled, and sealed container and return to freezer  *Note: 2 standard ice cubes = ~1/4 cup
    • freeze in containers in larger quantities like 1 cup if you know that measurement will work for your future recipes

Throughtout the winter, consider thawing these perfectly portioned squash elements and incorporating them into dishes such as risotto, soup, pasta, pancakes, breads, etc.

Immediate cooking notes: Squash can be roasted ahead and kept at room temperature for several hours before using. Alternatively you can roast the squash a day ahead and keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 day. Bring it to room temperature before using.


Explore more storage and recipe ideas in the Food Shift Kitchen Guide, where Winter Squash is the featured food for November!

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