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Food scraps and food-soiled paper make up a third of what residents throw away in Alameda County.

By making small shifts in how you shop, prepare, and store food, you can toss less, eat well, save money, and save resources used to produce and distribute food.

Wasted food is a growing problem with profound financial, social, and environmental impacts. Minimize the amount of food that goes to waste in your household by using the food saving tools below. Check out the list of videos and other resources for more tips and in-depth information on how to Stop Food Waste.


Tools to help you save food and save money.

Place this sign inside your fridge to designate an area for foods that need to be eaten soon.

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Before you shop, use this sheet to help plan the meals you’ll eat at home and list items needed. “Shop” your fridge, freezer and cupboards for ingredients first.

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Learn which fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer inside or outside the fridge with this storage guide. Post the guide on your fridge for quick reference.

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Food going to waste in your fridge?

Our 10-minute fridge check will help you see how much food is going uneaten and give you tips to reduce wasted food at home!

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