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Tools and Resources

By making small shifts in how you shop, prepare, and store food, you can toss less, eat well, save money, and save resources used to produce and distribute food.

Below you will find tools that can help guide you through some of these changes in your own household. We also provide helpful guides that can help to reduce wasted food at schools and businesses.


More tools to help you save food and save money:

Place this sign inside your fridge to designate an area for foods that need to be eaten soon.

Before you shop, use this sheet to help plan the meals you’ll eat at home and list items needed. “Shop” your fridge, freezer and cupboards for ingredients first.

Learn which fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer inside or outside the fridge with this storage guide. Post the guide on your fridge for quick reference. Spanish version available.

Food going to waste in your fridge?

Our 10-minute fridge check will help you see how much food is going uneaten and give you tips to reduce wasted food at home!

Resources for Schools:

Step-by-step instructions to setting up a food share table where students can place unwanted, sealed or uneaten food items for other students and for donation.

This four-page introduction for schools interested in setting up a donation program for surplus edible food includes guidance on legal protections, program models, food safety precautions and how to find and form a partnership with a food recipient non-profit partner.

Resources for Businesses:

This step-by-step guide helps businesses set up a surplus food donation program that works for their operations, including how to find a non-profit donation partner. It also provides guidance on legal protections and safe food handling requirements.