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All the Vegetables Soup

Turn wilted veggies and greens (including salad greens) into a simple, delicious vegetable soup.

For an easy weeknight dinner, consider rounding up your wilted, wrinkly vegetables–including salad greens–plus add any cooked veggies hanging out in the fridge, to make a wonderfully warming vegetable soup. 

The hard ends of parmesan cheese make great additions to any soup or broth and boost the favor of this vegetable soup (save the cheese ends in a bag in the fridge or freezer). You can also add some grated vegan cheese when serving if you want some creaminess without the dairy. 

Use homemade vegetable stock or store bought. Turn stale bread into crunchy croutons to add some extra texture to the final product.

add some croutons and olive oil to finish it off



  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 4-5 cups of roughly chopped vegetables (onion, carrot, potato, and zucchini provide a nice base, but use what you have)
    • Include anything you have including last bits of salad greens, herbs and floppy vegetables. Make sure to cut off any bad pieces or those that might be bitter
  • 1 piece of parmesan cheese rind, cut into 1-inch pieces (optional)

save your parmesan rinds to add to broth or soups

  • 6 cups of broth or stock (see our veggie stock recipe, or use whatever broth, cubes, etc. you have on hand)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare your vegetables by removing any bits that might be bruised, any sprouts, or dark spots that might be bitter
  2. Chop all of the vegetables into roughly 1-2 inch pieces 
  3. In a big stock pot or instant pot (or crock pot if you want to start early), sauté onions, garlic, or shallots in olive oil until translucent
  4. Add raw vegetables and sauté in oil for a few minutes until they are coated in oil, warmed, and mixed with the onions
  5. Toss in cooked vegetables, the parmesan rinds, and pour in 6 cups of broth or stock
  6. Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce it to a simmer and stir occasionally for up to 2 hours, or until all your vegetables are soft (if you're using an instant pot, seal it and put it on the "soup/broth" setting)
  7. Add leafy greens such as spinach, chard or kale (stems finely chopped), or even salad greens, in the last 10 minutes of cooking to allow them to thoroughly soften into the mixture
  8. Once all vegetables are soft, allow the pot to cool and use an immersion blender (or transfer into a standing blender) and puree until the soup is smooth and consistent in texture. The parmesan rinds should be soft enough to blend easily into the soup as well. If there are any large chunks left, remove them and discard in the compost bin or save them as a chewy snack
  9. Taste your soup and add any salt, pepper, or any other spices you think might enhance the flavor
  10. Serving recommendations: add fresh croutons and a drizzle of olive oil, to taste


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