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supporting community through food

We may not yet be able to gather friends around a shared table, but there are other ways to engage with and support our local communities from home.

Over the years, StopWaste has had the honor of working with community partners and grantees who make sure that good healthy food is making its way to feed people, not being thrown away or even composted. Some partners work directly with suppliers, grocers, and institutions to recover food, while others work in the cross section between health or housing and food.

Along with taking care in our own kitchens to reduce the amount of food going to waste over the holidays, there are also many ways to support these essential local food organizations this giving season. Whether it's by passing on information for how to get food safely to neighbors in need, purchasing additional food boxes, or donating money, time, or resources, there is a wide range of opportunities to support community food resources.

Below is a short list of links for ways to access food during COVID-19, as well as ways to support organizations that are ensuring that our community is fed; during the holidays and always. The list below is by no means comprehensive.



To learn more about our grantee organizations and partners, please visit StopWaste's previously funded grants page, and if you have additional resources or opportunites to share, please send us an email or share in a post below.

* Photo above taken at The Crucible in Oakland, one of StopWaste's 2018/19 grantees.

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