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Fresh Berries

To keep berries fresh, place them on top of a towel in a sealed container to absorb excess moisture and reduce chances of molding.

Start by removing any moldy, crushed, or spoiled berries from the bunch as these will quickly cause the others to decay. Line the bottom of a clear, sealable container with a piece of paper or cloth towel, then loosely layer berries, making sure to put another piece of towel down before adding the next layer. Do not wash berries until they are ready to be eaten as the excess moisture can cause molding.

frozen raspberries crumbled onto a bowl of yogurt

Freeze berries that are starting to soften, before they go bad (remove and cut off any mold and bruising). Frozen berries are a great addition to smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or other sweet treats. 

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