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Leftovers Reimagined Bingo Card

Developed by the StopWaste Schools Team, this bingo activity gives you ideas on how to reimagine your leftovers!

Did you know that eating your leftovers is one of the easiest ways to reduce food waste and reduce climate change at the same time? 

Watch the Leftovers Reimagined video to get inspired to creatively recook leftovers at home. 

Learn more about the StopWaste's Collective Action Steps: Stop Food Waste Action Project, which offers a roadmap to suggested activities and actions for individuals, families, students or classrooms to reduce food waste at home. 

Download the Leftovers Reimagined Bingo Card

Additional Recipes

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Food of God organization preparing for food didstribution during COVID
supporting community through food
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Dried Apples
Spring pasta that kids love and reduces food waste
Pasta Primavera
Yellow pot of soup on stove with wooden spoon sticking out
Beautiful Soup
Make preserved lemons to gift to friends or just to keep on hand for a tasty addition to dishes
Preserved Lemons
Expiration Dates