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Long-lasting Produce

Reduce your trips to the grocery store by choosing fresh produce items that naturally keep their quality longer.

Some fresh produce is just inherently more enduring than others. We've done some research and provided a short list of these long-lasting items below, along with links to StopFoodWaste tips to make sure they stay fresh as long as possible and have every chance to get eaten up!

Cabbage- Tips for storage

Carrots- Tips for storage, simple pickled carrots, and prepping ready-to-eat snacks for kids

Eggs- Unsure about the expiration date? Learn how to test your eggs to see if they're still good to eat by watching this video

Potatoes - Surprising tips for storage to reduce sprouting, test your knowledge first with this short video

Apples - Tips for storage, keeping sliced snack apples from browning, preserving by making simple dried apples or apple sauce

Squash - Simple storage tips, a great story about Halloween (or anytime) pumpkin curry

Onions and Garlic- Tips for storage

For more information about these, and other long-lasting produce items, visit:

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